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Multi Activity Play Mat & Gym
From adventure to naptime, this 3-in-1 playmat has baby covered. The activity gym will stimulate and entertain from early months through tummy time, and the soft, cuddly, extra-padded mat is perfect for a nap under the attached envelope blanket. Ensure optimal balance between play time and nap time with the...
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From adventure to naptime, this 3-in-1 playmat has baby covered. The activity gym will stimulate and entertain from early months through tummy time, and the soft, cuddly, extra-padded mat is perfect for a nap under the attached envelope blanket.
  • Ensure optimal balance between play time and nap time with the innovative, multifunctional activity gym and integrated safe and cozy envelope blanket.

  • Introduce the five lovable accessories: the battery-operated, motion-activated musical frog rattle; the multi-textured, easy to grasp fox rattle with colorful sliding beads; the large and safe mirror; the crinkly adventure map; and the cuddly, bear-shaped tummy-time pillow.

  • Lay and play – Attach the accessories in the right position and appropriate length for your baby, by connecting the 4 links to the adjustable hangers. Lay your baby beneath the arches for hours of exploration and discovery.

  • Nap time – Cover your baby with the soft integrated envelope blanket. The blanket easily folds back into place when your baby is ready to play again.

  • Tummy time – Encourage repeated head lifting, by introducing the unique tummy-time bear pillow and placing the mirror and accessories within your baby’s reach.

  • When your baby begins sitting, promote independent play time by removing the arches and placing the accessories on the mat.

  • When opened, the mat is 26.4 X 35.8 inches (67 X 91 cm). Easily fold the activity gym into its self-contained carrying case for storage and travel.

  • Machine-wash the mat as required.

Inside the Box: 

  • 1 x large Gymotion Play ‘N’ Nap playmat with an integrated soft and safe envelope blanket

  • 1 x smart structured base with two arches and safety locks + 6 sliding ring connectors 4 x Yookidoo links

  • 1 x teddy bear tummy-time pillow turned transitional object friend

  • 1 x large ladybug mirror for arch or mat with a teether and rattle

  • 1 x battery-operated motion-activated musical frog rattle

  • 1 x multi-textured fox rattle with sliding beads

  • 1 x double sided crinkly map

Cognitive Development:

Imagination & Creativity

The Play ‘N’ Nap’s lovable forest-themed figures fuel the imagination and inspire creativity. Name the accessories, make up funny stories using the crinkly map, sing songs about the fox or the beetle mirror, and include teddy bear in your adventures.

Knowledge Acquisition

As newborn babies and infants look up at the arch and suspended accessories – the colorful crinkly map, the whimsical fox rattle, and others, their basic understanding of the physical space around them develops.


Exposing newborn babies and infants to the motion-activated frog rattle and other accessories rich with color, movement, sound, and texture, expands their understanding of the world, ignites curiosity, and sparks their interest to discover more.

Physical Development:

Fine Motor Skills

As infants’ arms and hands spontaneously encounter the suspended accessories, voluntary movement begins to develop. Soon they begin reaching and grasping for the exciting stimulation, and mouthing on the accessories for further exploration.

Gross Motor Skills

While laying on their back, infants feet move, touch, and activate the musical frog rattle, encouraging foot-eye coordination. At a later stage, the tummy time pillow encourages repeated head lifting, developing their neck and shoulder muscles.


Playing with the musical rattle, the teething mirror and other accessories provides a simultaneous multisensory experience that includes visual, auditory, and tactile stimulation, encouraging meaningful learning as well as engaged body movement.

Social & Emotional Development:


Change your baby’s position under the arches and reposition accessories like the crinkly map and fox rattle, as visual stimulation from all directions expands your baby’s visual range and encourages hand-eye coordination.


As babies naturally seek out human faces, the big-eyed figures nurture this instinct and creates those very first engagements. The large mirror reflecting their own face back at them, either from the arches or the mat, further supports this basic instinct.


Serving multiple functions over time, the playmat is a place to play, snuggle with a transitional bear friend, and comfortably sleep in the envelope blanket during nap time, so it remains a safe and familiar home turf for exploring and learning.


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Yookidoo - Gymotion Play ‘N’ Nap - Playmat & Gym - Age: +0M - +12M
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