The Noble Collection Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set - 32 Detailed Playing Pieces - Officially Licensed Harry Potter Film Set Movie Props Toys Gifts
This set of chess faithfully resumes the chessboard of the giant wizards that can be seen in one of the highest voltage scenes in the film Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone, the set includes 32 pieces of extremely detailed...
The Noble Collection DC Green Lantern Light-Up Ring - Adjustable Light-Up Power Ring - Officially Licensed Film Set Movie Props Gifts Jewellery
Flexible ring made of non-metallic material that lights up when pressed, suitable for most sizes,A small hidden switch on the underside of this Green Lantern Power Ring will turn on the Green bulb, enabling you to light the darkest night....
The Noble Collection Harry Potter Dementors at Hogwarts 1000pc Jigsaw Puzzle - 30 × 18in (76 x 46cm) Oversized Puzzle - Harry Potter Film Set Movie Props Gifts
A puzzle of 1,000 pieces presenting dissenators surrounding the school of magic and witchcraft of Hogwarts, the puzzle measures about 75 & times 45 cm when assembled,A 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle that features Dementors encircling Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and...
The Noble Collection Lord of the Rings Bilbo Acorn Brooch
Bilbo brooch with acorn-shaped decoration, such as accessories worn by the famous Character of the Lo Hobbit Film Series taken from the Tolkien novel,The Noble Collection Bilbo’s Button Pin Box Contains 1 x Brooch Pin
The Noble Collection Harry Potter Albus Dumbledore Wand Pen and Bookmark - 9in (23cm) Stationery Pack - Officially Licensed Film Set Movie Props Wand Gifts
Pen wand and bookmark of silent Albus, character belonging to the Harry Potter saga,Dumbledore?s infamous wand offered as a pen, complete with a bookmark featuring Albus Dumbledore himself.Safety WarningNe convient pas aux enfants de moins de 3 ans
The Noble Collection Harry Potter Marauders Map
Reproduction of the famous and detailed map of the Malandrino created by the group of which James Potter were part, Sirius Black, Remus Lupine and Peter Minus who self-defined malandrini is councilors and allies of the magical malfactors', the name...
Cornish Pixie (Harry Potter) Magical Creatures Noble Collection, Multicolor, NN7678
Detailed and well-finished sculpture of one of the spitable and terrible goblins of the Cornezzarvaglie and creature are removable by the base, make sure to collect all 16 creatures in the Magical Creature line! Dimensions of the figure: 10.8 cm...
The Noble Collection NN7978 Collectible
The Noble Collection invites you to share in our passion for history, artistry, and craftsmanship. In our quest for perfection, we have sought out the most talented artists, sculptors and craftsmen to create some of the finest and most detailed...
The Noble Collection Harry Potter Hogwarts Bookmarks - 6.3in (16cm) Display Set of 4 Metal Hogwarts House Bookmarks - Officially Licensed Film Set Movie Gifts Stationery
Breathe the magic of Hogwarts in your readings with these 4 bookmarks representing the 4 houses: Grifindoro, Tassoro, Corvonero and Spereverde, Bookmarks are 24ct gold and silver plated, measure about 5.5 cm high and 3 cm wide,The Noble Collection Hogwarts...
The Noble Collection Harry Potter Crookshanks Collector's Plush - Officially Licensed 19in (48cm) Ginger Kneazle Cat Plush Toy Dolls Gifts
The soft puppet of Grattastinchi (large version of 43 cm) is added to the new Line of Plush of Noble Collection inspired by the magic creatures of the Harry Potter saga,The Noble Collection HP-Crookshanks Collector Plush (3)
The Noble Collection Proffesor Minerva McGonagall Character Wand, Multicoloured, unos 30 cm, NN8290
Original reproduction of a natural size of the Minerva McGranitt wand, collector's object supplied with the special case,The wand of Professor Minerva McGonagall, Head of Gryffindor House and Transfiguration at Hogwarts. Character box contains name clip.Safety WarningWarning: Only for domestic...
Harry Potter NN7279 Pen, Green
Pen in a die inspired by the Harry Potter series decorated with the serpeverd house snake plated silver and finely detailed, perfect for bringing a touch of Hogwarts to the office or in his own studio,Der Kugelschreiber ist aus Metall...
The Noble Collection - Lucius Malfoy Character Wand - 15in (37cm) Wizarding World Wand With Name Tag - Harry Potter Film Set Movie Props Wands
Original natural size reproduction of the second Lucius Malfoy wand, collector's object supplied with the special case,The Noble Collection Lucius Malfoy’s Character Wand - NEW DESIGN (2)Safety WarningN/A
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