CLEMENTONI - Xylo Dino - Mod: CLM17263
This adorable little dragon xylophone will encourage your child to create beautiful and original melodies. | Using the mallet attached to the instrument via a string, your child will be able to play the xylophone's 5 colourful keys and stimulate...
CLEMENTONI - Activity Baby Drum - Mod: CLM17409
A drum with a multitude of fun activities and melodies to discover music and the sense of rhythm | By pressing the buttons, the child can listen to many sounds and melodies. | The speed of the music changes depending...
€32,90 €25,90
CLEMENTONI - Little Cat seeks Cuddles - Mod: CLM17451
Product: Clementoni Little Cat seeks Cuddles Dimensions: 22 x 11 x 16 cm Material: Plastic Suggested Age: +12M A sweet little cat who loves to be pampered by the baby, recognizes his caresses and interacts with him.The little cat moves thanks to a breech-loading mechanism....
€19,90 €16,90
CLEMENTONI - Gigi Off-Road Adventure - Mod: CLM17155
Product: Gigi Off-Road Adventure Dimensions:  16 x 11 x 22 cm Color: Multiple Colors Suggested Age: 1-4 Years A fantastic interactive talking off-road vehicle that will entertain children with a cheerful song and cute phrases.The child can have fun with the...
CLEMENTONI - Animals' Fun Park Carusel- Mod: CLM17193
Experience a whirlwind of fun with the CLEMENTONI Animals' Fun Park Carusel (Model: CLM17193), an enchanting and engaging toy designed to delight children from 9 months and up!This delightful spinning top is no ordinary toy—it's a magical animal carousel that...
CLEMENTONI - Tobia Police Car - Mod: CLM17154
Product: Tobia Police Car Dimensions:  16 x 11 x 22 cm Color: Multiple Colors Suggested Age: 1-4 Years A gritty interactive talking police car that will entertain children with a funny song and lots of funny phrases. The child will be...
CLEMENTONI - Bruno Race Car - Mod: CLM17216
Product: Bruno Race Car Dimensions:  16 x 11 x 22 cm Color: Multiple Colors Suggested Age: 1-4 Years A gritty breech-loaded racing car to whiz into fun.Pressing the driver's head activates the sound effects of a real racing car and the...
CLEMENTONI - Animal Friends Musical Ball - Mod: CLM17464
A soft and colourful electronic ball that reproduces animal verses by stimulating children to recognize them. | Made from different materials and textures, it is perfect to help your child develop tactile perception. Bright colours attract your child to crawl...
CLEMENTONI - Baby Camera - Mod: CLM17440
A colorful camera to listen to cute songs or funny animal verses with each shot. | Activity Center: many colorful buttons that trigger sounds or songs and guide your child into engaging and interactive gaming experiences through new stimuli. |...
CLEMENTONI - Baby Radio - Mod: CLM17439
A small portable radio shaped activity center for playing with music and having fun with animal friends. Press the buttons to choose your favorite music station and genre! | Interactive game: with colorful and bright buttons that trigger different songs...
CLEMENTONI - Peckaboo Water Friends (1 piece) - Mod: CLM17655
Buy one of the four cute characters that transform bath time into a time of fun and laughter | Cute animals with a fun peek-look function - designed to stimulate toddlers' sense of touch and manual dexterity by appealing to them...
CLEMENTONI - Animal Friends Musical Ball - Mod: CLM17132
Product: Animal Friends Musical Ball Dimensions:  16,00 x 16,00 x 16,00 cm Color: Multiple Colors Suggested Age: +3M Soft Baby Clementoni BallA soft activity ball to play with animal friends safely. A rainbow of playful colors and illustrations to stimulate the...
CLEMENTONI - Baby Garden - Mod: CLM17277
Clementoni [UNDER CONSTRUCTION] - BABY GARDEN | Stimulates hand-eye coordination and visual perception. | With this original "botanic garden", your youngest children will have fun as they place the various "flowers and vegetables" correctly in the appropriate spaces. | A...
€16,90 €11,90
CLEMENTONI - Fun Vehicles - Mod: CLM17111
Product: Clementoni Fun Vehicles Dimensions:  38 x 18.01 x 5.99 cm Color: Multiple Colors Suggested Age: +10M - 36M 4 friendly vehicles: a bus, a truck, a car and a motorcycle with which to play and fun to pile, stack and discover them...
€15,90 €11,90
CLEMENTONI - Baby Interactive Electric guitar Rattle - Mod: CLM17220
A perfect rattle for the little musicians of tomorrow | This cute guitar with 3 rubber buttons will entertain your child by playing fun melodies, and will take him to discover the first numbers with lots of musikettes | With...
CLEMENTONI - Baby Interactive Magical Unicorn Rattle - Mod: CLM17333
A magical unicorn rattle to entertain baby with light effects and lovely melodies. | Contains a star-shaped button and colourful pendants to create fun sound effects. | The practical ring is designed to attach the rattle to the cradle or...
CLEMENTONI - Baby Interactive Chameleon Rattle - Mod: CLM17332
the cute chameleon rattle will become the pastime of the little ones | Moving the rattle activates cheerful melodies and sound effects, while the balls in the chameleon belly and colorful charms attract the child's attention and stimulate tactile perception....
CLEMENTONI - Baby Peacock Rattle - Mod: CLM17325
A sweet peacock rattle perfect for stimulating children's sight in the first months of life. | Feathers open and close. | with a practical ring and embossed texture to develop tactile perception and dexterity. | Ideal for children from 3...
CLEMENTONI - Baby Cloud Rattle - Mod: CLM17324
Product: Clementoni Baby Cloud Rattle Dimensions: 5.5 x 14.5 x 20 cm Material: Plastic Suggested Age: +3M A rattle designed to aid hearing development in the early months of the child. The small cloud rotates and recreates the sound of the rain with...
CLEMENTONI - Baby Owl Rattle - Mod: CLM17160
Product: Clementoni Baby Owl Rattle Dimensions: 14.5 x 4.8 x 20.3 cm Material: Plastic Suggested Age: +3M CLEMENTONI rattle in the shape of a owl with lots of mechanical activities and soft plastic pieces What babies with fun chew. If the owl shaken,...
CLEMENTONI - Baby Interactive Penguin Rattle - Mod: CLM17331
Clementoni Baby Sonaglino Penguin Interattivo MerchandisingA sweet rattle in the shape of a penguin sar� the perfect companion for the relaxation of the small in the first few months of life with a bright button in the shape of a...
CLEMENTONI - Baby Interactive Dinosaur Rattle - Mod: CLM17330
A cute dinosaur rattle to entertain your baby even at the time of feeding | Moving the rattle will trigger cute melodies and sound effects, while the colourful balls and pendants will attract the child's attention and stimulate tactile perception....
Play-Doh Slime Dino Crew Lava Bones Island Volcano Playset for Kids 4 Years and Up, Non-Toxic - Mod: HSBF1500RC0
Product: Play-Doh Slime Dino Crew Lava Bones Island Volcano Playset Dimensions:  33 X 30,5 X 8 cmColor: Multiple Colors Suggested Age: +3 Years old Take your imagination back in time to a world filled with dinos and volcanoes! The Lava Bones Island playset...
€36,90 €29,90
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