Mattel - Barbie Doll and Accessories - Ken beach doll
Get ready to hit the beach in style with this cool Barbie Ken Doll and Accessories set! This beach-themed Ken doll is all set for a fun-filled summer day, inspiring kids to dream up endless summer stories under the warm...
Mattel - Eleanor Roosevelt Barbie Inspiring Women Doll - Signature Edition GTJ79
The Inspiring Women™ Series from Barbie® pays homage to the remarkable women in history, and the Anna Eleanor Roosevelt doll is a true embodiment of this tradition. Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, an influential figure in American history, was an ardent advocate...
€56,00 €49,90
Mattel - Barbie Dreamtopia Bride Doll CFF37
Experience the joy and magic of weddings with the Barbie Dreamtopia Bride Doll. This exquisite doll allows you to recreate beautiful ceremonies and design your own fairytale adventures. Dressed in a stunning bridal gown, Barbie is ready to embark on...
€29,90 €24,90
Mattel - Barbie Fairytale Ken Groom Doll (Blonde 12-Inch) Wearing Suit and Shoes, with 5 Accessories - Mod: GTF36
Let your imagination soar and create enchanting fairytale weddings with the Ken Groom Doll from Barbie Dreamtopia. This handsome doll is ready for the big day in a dreamy suit that will inspire all kinds of magical storytelling. Ken is...
€32,90 €24,80
Mattel - Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures 3-In-1 Dreamcamper Vehicle And Accessories
Embark on thrilling outdoor adventures and explore the wonders of travel with the Barbie 3-in-1 DreamCamper! This amazing playset is a dream come true for young adventurers, offering multiple transformations and endless possibilities for imaginative play. Packed with 50 Barbie...
Mattel - Barbie Doll with Scooter
Get ready for a stylish adventure with the Barbie Moped! This trendy and colorful moped is designed in a chic pink and yellow with eye-catching silvery accents, perfect for cruising around in style. It even comes with a playful pet...
€39,90 €29,90
Explore a variety of imaginative styles and looks with the Barbie leopard rainbow hair doll (12 Inch/30.40 cm) | Brush Barbie doll's long rainbow-colored hair to the side to reveal a ombre rainbow look; One can activate the color-change feature...
Mattel - Barbie Doll and Pool Playset with Slide and Accessories - Mod: GHL91
Experience the ultimate summer adventure with the Barbie Doll and Pool Playset, captivating young imaginations and bringing the joy of sunny days to life. With the mod: GHL91 code, this playset offers a world of aquatic fun and creativity, inviting...
€37,90 €19,90
Serve up storytelling fun with the Barbie Cook 'n Grill Restaurant doll and playset featuring a modern design, 6 play areas and 30+ total pieces | Help Barbie doll take to-go orders at the service window or seat up to...
€118,00 €78,90
MATTEL - Mega construx barbie animal grooming station
You can be anything when you help 3 barbie micro-dolls at the animal grooming station. Discover the nurturing world of animal care and play as you build the grooming, feeding and examination stations equipped with roleplay accessories like a brush,...
€21,90 €16,90
Mattel - Barbie Dollhouse With 2 Levels & 4 Play Areas
Step into a world of enchanting storytelling and boundless play with the magnificent Barbie Dollhouse! This fully furnished dream house is the ultimate haven for young imaginations, inviting kids to embark on endless adventures and create unforgettable memories with Barbie...
€85,90 €59,90
MATTEL - Barbie 900 gwf03 ea ken single fashions cdu, multi-colour
Barbie ken single fashions cdu safety warning keep away from naked flame
€14,90 €9,90
Mattel - Barbie Ken Mode Fashion Accessories Pack 5 GRC74
Presenting the exceptional Mattel - Barbie Ken Mode Fashion Accessories Pack 5 GRC74, a true embodiment of style and versatility. This captivating collection brings forth the Mattel - Barbie Ken Complete Look Fashion, Pink Paradise, featuring Checkered Pants and a...
Grandi Giochi - Barbie Coffee Shop Role Play
Introducing the Grandi Giochi - Barbie Coffee Shop Role Play, a delightful playset that invites young imaginations to indulge in the art of running a café, serving up aromatic coffee and delectable treats to friends and playmates. This Coffee Shop...
€72,90 €59,00
Mattel - Barbie Made To Move Doll FTG80
Discover the captivating world of movement, self-care, and imagination with the remarkable Mattel - Barbie Made To Move Doll FTG80. This doll invites young minds to explore the spectrum of motion and stillness, creating a space for both active play...
€28,90 €22,90
Mattel - Barbie You can Be Anything - Student GJC23
Unveil the world of education and limitless possibilities with the captivating Mattel - Barbie You Can Be Anything - Student GJC23. This Barbie teacher doll is poised to lead the way in the classroom, equipped with a comprehensive career set...
Mattel - Barbie Extra Doll And Accessories HGR60
Introducing the world of limitless style and expression with the Mattel - Barbie Extra Doll And Accessories HGR60. This extraordinary doll and clothing set transcends fashion play, offering an unparalleled opportunity for creativity and individuality. With over 15 on-trend pieces...
€32,90 €26,90
Giochi Preziosi - Barbie Backpack Kindergarten
Embark on a journey of school days or leisure with a touch of enchantment and joy, courtesy of the Giochi Preziosi - Barbie Backpack Kindergarten.Step into the world of education or adventure with this remarkable round-shaped kindergarten backpack, infused with...
Mattel - Barbie You can Be Anything - Teacher GKV91
Introducing the captivating world of the Mattel - Barbie You Can Be Anything - Teacher GKV91 toy set, a remarkable playtime ensemble that empowers young minds to delve into their dreams and potentials through the magic of imaginative play. This...
Mattel - Barbie Samantha Cristoforetti Doll GTJ81
Embark on a journey of inspiration and empowerment with the Mattel - Barbie Samantha Cristoforetti Doll GTJ81, a celebration of the remarkable achievements of aviator, engineer, and European Space Agency astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti. This extraordinary doll is more than just...
€49,00 €43,30
Mattel - Barbie Fashionistas Doll And Accessory GRB93
Introducing the captivating Mattel - Barbie Fashionistas Doll And Accessory GRB93, a remarkable addition to the evolving world of Barbie that celebrates diversity, fashion, and boundless storytelling. Immerse yourself in a realm of imagination and open-ended dreams, where each doll...
€27,90 €21,60
Giochi Preziosi - Barbie Diary 10 Months - Italian Edition
Introducing the enchanting Giochi Preziosi Diary 10 months, designed for all the young dreamers and fans of Barbie. Step into the mesmerizing realm of Barbie and let your imagination soar as you embark on a journey through the pages of...
Clementoni - Barbie Puzzle 104 Pieces SuperColor Collection
Explore the captivating world of Clementoni's Barbie Puzzle 104 Pieces SuperColor Collection, a delightful masterpiece that invites you to embark on a journey of creativity and play. With its innovative design and charming aesthetics, this puzzle redefines a classic pastime,...
Grandi Giochi - Barbie Knitwear Magic Create Pom Poms
Enter the captivating world of creative fashion with Grandi Giochi's Barbie Knitwear Magic Create Pom Poms set. This extraordinary kit is more than just a crafting activity; it's an invitation to dive into the realm of imaginative design, all while...
€19,90 €10,10
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