MATTEL - Fisher-price imaginext jurassic world thrashin action t rex dinosaur figure for preschool kids ages 3 to 8 years
Young Jurassic World fans can take their action-packed stories to epic new heights with the Imaginext Jurassic World Deluxe Growlin' Giga XL Dino figure from Fisher-Price. Standing 10 inches tall and featuring awesome light-up eyes and cool chomping and stomping...
€59,00 €49,00
MATTEL - Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous Colossal Carnotaurus Toro Figure XXL
Kids can attack playtime with a big appetite with the Jurassic World Colossal Carnotaurus 'Toro' dinosaur, inspired by the animated series, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous!Kids can take out all their animal instincts with this Carnotaurus figure that comes in a...
€139,00 €99,00
I bambini possono creare emozionanti avventure nel mondo giurassico con questo set di dinosauri Imaginext Indominus Rex.Muovi la coda dell'Indominus Rex verso l'alto e verso il basso per un'impressionante azione di scuotimento.La figura del raptor si attacca al dorso del...
€59,00 €49,00
MATTEL - Jurassic World Super Colossal Velociraptor Blue Figure. XXL
Be a part of the Jurassic World adventure with the ultimate dinosaur for intense battle action! At approximately 18-inches high and more than 3 feet long, this Super Colossal Velociraptor Blue figure is based on the Jurassic World fan-favourite character...
€139,00 €109,00
MATTEL - Jurassic World: Dominion Thrash 'n Devour Tyrannosaurus Rex with Sound & Motion
Jurassic World: Dominion comes home with adventure and thrills with this Thrash 'n Devour Tyrannosaurus Rex with a cool marbleized look, movable joints, realistic sounds and exciting movements!Move the tail up and the T. Rex bends down with jaws wide...
€85,00 €69,00
MATTEL - Jurassic World: Dominion Sound Slashin' Slasher Therizinosaurus Figure Attack Action & Sounds
Jurassic World Dominion brings new dinosaur action and thrills, including this exciting large Sound Slashin' Therizinosaurus action figureWatch out for the HUGE claws that make side-slashing attacks! Hear epic sound effects and experience a lunging action completed with a CHOMP!This...
€79,00 €65,00
MATTEL - Jurassic World: Super colossal speed dino Atrociraptor XXL
Get ready for thrilling action and adventure with Jurassic World Dominion! Kids will discover HUGE playtime excitement with this Super Colossal Atrociraptor dinosaur. Based on a breakout character from Jurassic World Dominion, it measures more than 3 feet long and...
MATTEL - Matchbox fmw90 jurassic world diecast vehicle assortment, multi-colour
Get ready for thrilling action and adventure! Jurassic world and matchbox join forces to create an exciting assortment of 1:64 scale vehicles! The assortment includes castings from every movie in the action-packed franchise! It features legacy vehicles and new castings...
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