Clementoni - Action & Reaction - Domino Effect
A new special deluxe version of Action&Reaction dominoes for guaranteed fun! An Action&Reaction kit with lots of DOMINO tiles to place on the tracks as you wish and special pieces to create new and breathtaking circuits. Turn dominoes to roll...
€26,90 €19,90
A fantastic kit compatible with the entire Action and Reaction range to create even more astonishing circuits and embark on breathtaking challenges | With the fork you can split your tracks, change the direction of the balls and challenge the...
Physics has never been so astonishing A truly unique supplement kit with 5 special musical tracks to create circuits with a decidedly original effect | The musical tracks have special plates that, when struck by the ball along the route,...
Clementoni - Action & Reaction - Glow Challenge
The swirling Action&Reaction tracks are enriched with surprising effects to unleash a WOW effect! With the transparent tracks and Glow in the Dark marbles, you can assemble amazing tracks with fantastic special effects to be discovered and seen working even...
€29,00 €22,90
Clementoni - 19265 - Action & Reaction - Cross Road & Glow Effect - Marble Track Sets
A spectacular new kit from Action & Reaction with an amazing effect: the marbles glow in the dark! The transparent tracks make the glow-in-the-dark effect of the marbles even more obvious, so you can launch into whirling challenges even in...
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