DOLCE - Alfonso the Afghan Hound Dog
This delightful dog is made from soft and beautiful fabric. There are mirrors, rattles, crinkles, squeakers, a teether and a spinning bead rattle in the stomach. The soft texture and bean bag interior also make it perfect for cuddles. Why...
€43,63 €33,46
DOLCE - Anthony the anteater soft toy
The Anteater does not get any cuter than this toy.  It’s a very colorful character that comes with a teether, squeaks, and crinkles.  It helps by keeping children busy with plenty of activities.  A silicone teether is kept safe in...
€50,75 €37,52
DOLCE - Dipsy the dragonfly Soft Toy
This dragonfly makes a beautiful toy that can be played with in the hand or hung from a stroller or cot by the teether connector ring. The center of the dragonfly is made up by a waterfall rattle with little...
€25,43 €20,23
DOLCE - Ozzie Kangaroo Soft Toy
This giant Kangaroo is absolutely perfect for cuddling! It comes with a bonus, baby Joey, in and additionally, the kangaroo pocket features a shaker egg. Featuring a peek-a-boo door on one of its feet and is also adorned with beads...
€43,73 €35,50
DOLCE - Sophie The Kitten
This beautiful fun toy comes with a squeaky mouse friend and a crinkle fish to provide hours of entertainment. There are colorful counting beads in the stomach and a mirror on the foot. The soft knitted fabric and bean bag...
€34,48 €27,36
DOLCE - Zack the zebra activity soft toy
This soothing-colored Zebra is a perfect cuddly toy to play with right before sleep!  It features ribbon tabs and a silicone teether. There is an attached ring that can be used as a connector or even as another teether, too. ...
€27,36 €19,22
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