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Game Vision - Yu-Gi-Oh! Cyber Attacco Unlimited Structure 3 Decks

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Game Vision
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Introducing the Game Vision - Yu-Gi-Oh! Cyber Attacco Unlimited Structure Deck, now available in a special offer of 3 decks! This package includes an array of powerful cards and features designed to enhance your dueling experience.Packaging Highlights:- 5 Ultra Rares- 3 Super Rares- 40 Commons- 1 Deluxe Double-Sided Game Mat...
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Introducing the Game Vision - Yu-Gi-Oh! Cyber Attacco Unlimited Structure Deck, now available in a special offer of 3 decks! This package includes an array of powerful cards and features designed to enhance your dueling experience.

Packaging Highlights:

- 5 Ultra Rares
- 3 Super Rares
- 40 Commons
- 1 Deluxe Double-Sided Game Mat / Dueling Guide

Prepare for an unparalleled dueling adventure with the second Structure Deck chosen directly by fans through a survey conducted by Konami.

The Yu-Gi-Oh Cyber Attacco Structure Deck is inspired by the strategies utilized by the iconic Zane Truesdale in the beloved animated series Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. Zane's journey unfolds with his signature Cyber Dragon deck, which eventually evolves to incorporate the formidable Cyberdark monsters. While these two strategies were historically distinct, the Cyber Attacco Structure Deck bridges the gap, enabling players to combine both strategies just like in the animated series.

One of Zane's most formidable assets is the Power Bond Spell card, a fusion spell that magnifies the ATK of the generated monster twofold. Fans have clamored for a means to include this powerful card in their Decks, and this Structure Deck delivers on that demand. As a bonus, participants in Remote Duel tournaments can earn an OTS 16 pack, offering them a chance to obtain an Ultimate Rare version of the "dark" iteration of Cyber Dragon—a card that has remained scarce in new releases for the past seven years.

Master the forbidden Fusion arts and unify fierce Dragon and Machine monsters with the Structure Deck: Cyber Strike!

Structure Deck: Cyber Strike elevates both of Zane Truesdale's strategies from the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime extension. With unprecedented customization options, this Structure Deck allows you to focus on Zane's original Cyber Dragon Fusion strategy, his Dragon-centric Cyberdark strategy, or seamlessly integrate both into a singular, powerhouse Deck, akin to the later seasons of the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX series.

Explore the Synergies:

**Cyber Dragons:**
Fuse multiple copies of Cyber Dragon using Power Bond to summon Zane's iconic Cyber End Dragon, boosting its ATK to an astonishing 8000! The process has never been easier, thanks to a brand-new monster that lets you fetch Power Bonds directly from your Deck and utilize monsters from your Graveyard as Fusion Materials.

Load your Graveyard with Dragons, then equip them to your "Cyberdark" monsters for added strength! Cyberdark Impact! enables you to fuse the original 3 "Cyberdark" monsters into Cyberdark Dragon, or leverage Overload Fusion to merge 5 "Cyberdark" Effect Monsters into the formidable Cyberdarkness Dragon.

**Hybrid Strategy:**
Why settle for one when you can harness both strategies? Yu-Gi-Oh Cyber Strike Structure Deck specializes in merging these two tactics into a potent hybrid approach. A pinnacle of this fusion is the new combination of Cyberdark Dragon and Cyber End Dragon, creating a 5000 ATK powerhouse. Flexibility reigns, as you can also summon this behemoth by Tributing Cyberdarkness Dragon equipped with Cyber End Dragon.

**And More:**
Cybernetic Horizon, a new Spell Card, ensures smooth fusions for both strategies. This card facilitates the addition of a Dragon or Machine "Cyber" monster to your hand, while simultaneously filling your Graveyard with the necessary "Cyber" Dragon or Machine monsters for Overload Fusion. With victory within reach, seize your triumph by reaching for the horizon.

The Yu-Gi-Oh Cyber Strike Structure Deck boasts a 43-card Main Deck, complemented by a 5-card Extra Deck, culminating in a grand total of 48 cards.

Elevate your dueling experience, seize the advantage, and forge your path to victory with the Yu-Gi-Oh Cyber Strike Structure Deck. Unlock the fusion of strategies and discover your ultimate synergy today.
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Game Vision - Yu-Gi-Oh! Cyber Attacco Unlimited Structure 3 Decks
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