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Rhino wreaks havoc on the streets of New York. Klaw manipulates the actions of a team of fearsome villains. Ultron attempts to unleash a nuclear holocaust. The world needs champions to stop these villains! Will you rise to the challenge?Asmodee Italy is proud to announce the future release (date to...
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Rhino wreaks havoc on the streets of New York. Klaw manipulates the actions of a team of fearsome villains. Ultron attempts to unleash a nuclear holocaust. The world needs champions to stop these villains! Will you rise to the challenge?
Asmodee Italy is proud to announce the future release (date to be announced) of Marvel Champions: The Card Game - Basic Set, a one- to four-player cooperative superhero Living Card Game! Marvel Champions: The Card Game sees players step into the shoes of the most celebrated heroes of the Marvel universe as they attempt to stop the most infamous villains, about to enact their most insidious plots. With more than 350 cards, 100 counters, five hit point markers and more, the Basic Set of Marvel Champions: The Card Game gives you everything you need to begin your journey into the Marvel universe, allowing you to play as Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, Black Panther or She-Hulk and join forces with other heroes to defeat the unstoppable Rhino, the cunning Klaw or the terrifying Ultron!
The game recreates the epic battles of the Marvel universe on your home table, inviting you to choose a hero to impersonate and offering a scenario that includes a villainous villain and his insidious plot. Each villain and each plot provides a gameplay experience, but they all pose a tough challenge for your heroes! However, if you can overcome all the various manifestations of the villain and defeat them through a mixture of teamwork, skill and luck, your heroes will emerge victorious from the confrontation and be hailed as champions!
The clash will not be easy:each criminal possesses his own encounter deck, full of wingmen and tactics, and is ready to take the heroes out of the way before they can save the world. Will you be able to withstand Rhino's onslaught when he is joined as an ally by the fearsome Shocker? Will you be able to defeat Klaw when he unleashes a devastating sonic roar? Will you be able to defeat an army of Ultron's Drones? These and many more challenges await you in each scenario. Do you have what it takes to overcome insurmountable adversity and become the champions the world needs?
As a Living Card Game, the Basic Set of Marvel Champions: The Card Game is just the beginning. New expansions of Marvel Champions will be released every month, and unlike a trading card game, you won't have to hunt down certain cards-you'll find a complete set of all the cards released in each expansion. As Marvel Champions continues beyond the Base Set, you will be able to expand your collection with new heroes, new scenarios, and more! Best of all, you will always know exactly what each new Marvel Champions product contains.
Although other Living Card Game Base Sets required the purchase of multiple copies to obtain a complete set of cards, Asmodee Italy is proud to announce that a single Base Set of Marvel Champions: The Card Game will provide you with everything you need to customize your heroes!
In each game of Marvel Champions you will dress in the shoes of a famous Marvel hero, a hero who comes to life within the game thanks to his two-sided identity card and his customizable deck, which contains the powers, tools, and allies he uses to achieve victory. These 40-50 card decks allow you to impersonate in every aspect the five heroes contained in the Basic Set. You can play as Tony Stark and build your own personal Iron Man outfit with an ARC Reactor, Mark V Armor, and more. Then, when you're ready, don the armor and unleash the devastating power of repulsive discharges against your opponents! Or you can embody Spider-Man, foil the plans of criminals through your agility and superhuman speed and then invent new Spider-technology as Peter Parker!
Impersonating these heroes you will either use your superhuman strength and speed to launch a mighty attack against the criminal, or your genius intellect to foil his plans, thwarting his advance toward the completion of his own plot.
These three values-intervention (INT), attack (ATT) and defense (DIF)-represent your hero's extraordinary natural abilities!
Every Marvel hero has amazing abilities, but any hero can confirm to you that these abilities require a price. During your turn you have the opportunity to play ally, enhancement, event and support cards from your hand. Allies can take action against plots or attack the villain using their methods, events are disposable effects that can provide you with a powerful advantage, and supports and enhancements remain on the field to assist your hero in all his battles!
To play a card from your hand, however, you must pay its cost, indicated in the upper left corner of the card, and the resources with which to do so are usually generated by discarding other cards from your hand. Perhaps these resources represent the mental toughness you need to invent a new repulsor ray on the fly, or the physical power to deliver a deadly kick by harnessing the momentum of the web you are clinging to. Each round of Marvel Champions will ask you to make a strategic decision. Will you forgo using your Legal Practice (MVC01/23) to unleash a violent Gamma Crash (MVC01/21)? Or discard a One-Two Fist (MVC01/24) to take action against the criminal with your Superhuman Legal Division (MVC01/26)?
What matters is that even if you give up certain cards, you will always have the opportunity to perform miraculous deeds! By replenishing your hand at the end of your turn you will have the resources you need to make your mark during combat, and you will never have to "take a turn for thought"-instead, you will give rise to frantic action sequences alternating with crucial strategic decisions. Marvel Champions is a game focused on analyzing the battlefield, collaborating with your teammates, and choosing the right priorities for action.
However, being a hero means more than just engaging in a series of heroic feats. At the beginning of the game you will dress as your hero's alter ego, the side of the identity card that represents Peter Parker, Carol Danvers, T'challa, Jennifer Walters, or Tony Stark. Once per turn you can change Semblance, transforming your character into a powerful hero or back into the role of his alter ego. In the alter ego semblance you can access a unique ability and have the option to heal yourself. In hero semblance, on the other hand, you will be able to attack the criminal directly.
Your alter ego can regain strength between epic battles using his recovery value (REC)!
Marvel Champions: The Card Game places the same emphasis on alter ego semblance as it does on hero semblance. Many cards in your deck are not based on your hero's powers, but rather on their life when they are not wearing a mask. As a head of state, T'Challa (MVC01/40B) has unique advantages compared to Black Panther (MVC01/40A), who focuses on stealth and technology. For example, only T'Challa can appeal to his Ancestral Knowledge (MVC01/42) to find the right course of action. Having a life outside of one's hero career also entails a certain degree of danger. Each of those alters must attend to a number of duties and responsibilities that your opponents can target at the worst possible moment!
The choice between your hero and your alter ego has a direct impact on how the criminal acts in his phase. If you are in hero guise, the criminal will ignore his plot and prefer to attack you directly, but if you are in alter guise, the criminal will ignore you to carry out his nefarious plans. When your hero suffers too many attacks from the criminal, he is in danger of being knocked unconscious and knocked out, but sometimes it is necessary to do even that in order to stop the criminal's plans! Teamwork is important: if all heroes decide to end their shift in alter guise, a criminal like Rhino will be free to rampage throughout the city. However, even confronting the criminal head-on in a brute force confrontation is not always the best idea. Proper teamwork is essential to defeat the criminals arrayed against you.
Your hero is endowed with undeniable power, but saving the world will not be easy, because each villain's plots expose your hero to direct danger-Marvel heroes will have to rely on their wits, skill, and a bit of luck if they are to have any hope of saving the world. Marvel Champions is an entirely cooperative game: this means that no player directly controls the villain during a scenario. An easy-to-implement script and a unique encounter deck will guide the villain's actions and provide you with surprises galore throughout the game!
The criminal begins his turn by placing a certain amount of threats on his plot. These threat counters represent his plans coming to fruition, something the heroes must avoid at all costs. If a criminal succeeds in completing his main plot by placing a sufficient amount of threats on it, the heroes lose the game.
Fortunately, you always have a chance to fight back! If your group of champions can cooperate and defeat the villain with a barrage of photon discharges, kicks and webs, you have won the game!
Breach! is the final stage of the Rhino plot deck: if seven threats are
placed seven threats per player, the heroes lose the game!
After the basic threats have been placed on the plot, the villain turns his attention to the heroes and activates against each of them. If you are in hero semblance, the villain attacks you! If, on the other hand, your character is in alter guise, he will not be around to prevent the criminal from carrying out his plot!
Just like heroes, villains have innate abilities and can add threats by plotting (TRA)
or by inflicting damage with an attack (ATT). But unlike heroes, they use them for purely evil purposes!
The villain does not stop there: after activating once for each hero, each player is forced to draw an encounter card! Each villain's encounter deck is unique to that villain and represents his powers, tools, wingmen, and more. Each hero is also associated with a unique task that is shuffled into the encounter deck at the beginning of the game, ready to pop up at the least opportune time. Some encounter cards may represent wingmen or additional villains who arrive to help the main villain carry out his plots, while others may pose a devastating obstacle to your heroes. If your characters can withstand all these attacks, another phase of players begins in which they can continue to fight to save the world!
The world needs champions-are you ready to answer the call? This Base Set is just the beginning: as a Living Card Game, Marvel Champions will be enriched with new heroes and new villains. What new challenges and new powers await you?
Number of players: 1 - 4
Average duration: 45-90 min.
Suggested age: 12 years and older
Language: edition entirely in Italian
Authors: Michael Boggs, Nate French, Caleb Grace

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ASMODEE - Marvel Champions LCG: Il Gioco di Carte - Italian Edition
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